Nelson, BC

Today was my first day skiing in Nelson!Nelson Alley

Nelson is a sweet little ski town in the South of BC, -super friendly and funky with lots of good skiing around (it was voted the best ski-town in North America along with Rossland, BC, by Powder Magazine this winter: I was a little skeptic as we came into town and there wasn’t nearly as much snow as I expected, but as soon as we drove towards Whitewater, we relaxed. The trees were covered in snow, and even though it was a Saturday, there was no lift line whatsoever. Untouched pillows, ridges and cliffs dominated this first day of shooting photos, and hopefully we got some good shots!:-)

It’s so much fun to do photo shoots, as you’ll have to try to imagine how all of your Nelson Shopmotions transfer into a potentially good ski-photo. You’ll have to focus all your attention into each and every turn or move, and it’s short and intense. I also like hiking up to spots where most people don’t find it worth going, and we had untouched features along the whole ridge we were working at today. Hopefully we’ll get some better light tomorrow so that I can ski the fun runs I scouted out today.

I’ll post photos and keep you guys updated on my adventures later this week! Hope the transition back to everyday life is going well for all of you guys… Yeahhh January Pow!



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